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We both said we wish we found this site years ago. But thumb tack is worth every penny by far!!

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Good luck everyone! They charge I told em no when they asked…they sent me one after that.. They also had my first name different from what I would use. I informed both companies that they are being charged for leads that are bogus. Since the name they had for me only appears on legal documents, it is my belief that HA buys or obtains homeowner information and gives it to clients so they can charge for non-existent leads. Warning to service companies: because of this fraud, I will not only not use Home Advisor, but I will not trust to use any services they endorse. I just signed up with HA.

Two leads so far, one was another contractor testing the site, HA said they would refund.

I have a lot of symptoms that match mold exposure. Please call me, the problem is how I can afford the testing. You can see in the last sentence she cannot afford to even pay for service. Pretty sad lead if you can even call it a lead. I called HA, they said they would submit to their refund department for review. Thanks for all the other reviews. I am a licensed contractor who does mostly insurance related repairs.

Anyway, I will update if I have any success with HA.

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I feel like if they can send a lead where I can actually do a site inspection, provide a quote, meet the owner, and get a chance to sell my service- the price seems legit if I am doing mold remediation jobs and remodel projects. GET as far away, as fast as you can, from this scam. Im a Mechanical contractor they flood you with so called leads and charge you for every one weather you accept them or not, they charge your CC weekly.

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The lady who called said they had lots of junk removal requests in my area and wanted to make sure my business qualifies for HA so that I can use the service. She said that it IS required. I told her that it is NOT required, explaining that I have a business license and that is all that is required. I told her to call the state licensing department and confirm that it is not required. She continued to argue with me, acting like she wish she never made this call bad attitude.

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She never did. I tried Service Magic for one year, This is how it worked out! They was the Pimp and I was the Ho! All lead sites are populated with low quality contractors who are unable to generate their own leads through word of mouth. Jay, I used to be a carpenter for 20 years, 11 of which I had my own business. Meanwhile I went back to school got a EET degree started working as a tech, then finished my BSETT later started working as an electrical engineer for the next 20 years total.

During that time, I also continued to do some construction work, for myself, friends, family. In other words, I am not an amatuer. I retired, and wanted to make a little money on the side. HW called me, made a lot of promises like helping to figure out my business, follow up, etc. I started with home advisor to build my company but little did I know when they came to me that I was about to get taken advantage of.

I requested my. So now I owe them Home advisor will lie to you and make you think everything is ok and that they have your back but ready to make us contractors pay for their mass ups. HA recently called my company. Complete joke and a waste of time imo. When I first set out, I did have word of mouth service. Our work is always of top quality. Even with our price range being equally competitive we would receive our work in waves. Using the former Service magic for leads was a way of maintaining projects in between the waves.

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Yes, we ran into false leads, paid for leads that were tire kickers, annoyed by the fact they presented links and such back to them. We were spending upwards of per month on leads. These leads paid off and brought additional word of mouth business. I would keep a record of all the leads. I downloaded them. Every 3 months we sent out flyers to the former leads, about the services we provide.

This was a valuable resource to get us started. After 2 years of using the service we stopped. Not because it was not producing, we simply no longer needed the service. As I stated, it is not perfect, you will receive false leads from individuals that are only looking, you will receive leads of phone numbers that no one answers or is the wrong number.

This is not very common, maybe one or two a month in our case, and yes, it was annoying. But as I said, to help us through the slower periods, it was a nice help. Meaning very few calls are ever serious from the area. We cover a very large area, so the specific locations was important when avoiding false leads. We are also a professional company, uniformed, clean rust free vehicles with proper business markers.

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I have seen other contractors that were poorly dressed in ripped blue jeans, greasy shirt, smelling of b. We landed 7 out of 10 leads on average. Those leads generated additional work by word of mouth as well as repeat customers. Its all in how you use it, how you market your self, and how you present your self. They are the ones making the money some of the leads for painting was 82 bucks. I have wasted gas going to these price shopping people who have no idea of a cost.

If I was to get a job I will be working for free to pay my loss so who really comes out you do the math. People who are in support of this company I wonder if they have been paid or just telling a lie. I also have had two customers that wanted me to fix mistakes from junky homeadvisor contractors.

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I used Servicemagic 16 years ago and in the beginning as a new handyman service it helped to get established in the first couple of years. Then the service and leads became horrible, just horrible. I spent countless hours on the phone with customer service to get refunds on junk or bad leads. Old leads regenerated and no call backs,including no details the consumer is describing.

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What happens after that is up to you, regardless you are charged no matter if the lead never responds or its old regenerated, or no description. They claim they sell you the info and what you do with it is up to you. So contractors you take the risk they do not. In other words they have no guarantee and do not stand behind their product. They say we should take the good with the bad.

While some or in my case a low percentage is good leads, but it is clear to me the bad far out weigh the good. It took me 30 hours to assess the good and bad leads and for men 1 lead in 16 turned out to be a lead that turned into good business. Yes the company Servicemagic had a horrible reputation years ago and they simply changed their name to Home Advisor.

I was told time and time again by their sales people begging to have us rejoin as Home Advisor because it was not the old Servicemagic.