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Breathtaking bird-eye views, clear and interesting story-telling makes it an interesting watch from start to the end. Steve's idea to make it a travel-log documentary, a brief course on apologetics and a historical overview focused on symbolism of the Biblical events is unique and really works together well. Steve Ray goes to all known places where Peter lived, worked, walked with Christ - in Israel and his burial place in Rome.

He links the biblical words and events with the actual places revealing their significance. It is a trustworthy source of information as the film has endorsement from ecclesiastical authorities: Nihil Obstat seal by a Censor Librorum and Imprimatur by Bishop Carl F. So what's so special about Peter?

Well, Peter's authority is the main line of attack on the Catholic Church from inside all other Christian denominations that at their inception rebelled against the Church and Peter's authority. And I do mean ALL of them, without exception. It is precisely the authority of Rome where Peter's seat is that they rebelled against in the first place.

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Luther, Calvin and Henry XIII - founders of Protestantism and Anglicanism, Photius and Cerularios - authors of the Great Schism of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and many others before them and after, and their followers even to this day - they all refused to follow Peter's authority, effectively God's authority, and through their influence, power, lies and persuasion dragged huge numbers with them into the abyss of their heresies and schisms.

Now, Simon, whom Christ gave a new name Peter from the Greek "Petros", in turn from Aramaic "Keifa" meaning Rock was a simple fisherman, whom Christ made the head of the twelve Apostles and who later became the first Bishop of Rome, the Pope. He was the one Christ gave the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven meaning the power to rule Christ's flock on Earth and he is the rock on which Christ has build His Church, meaning that Peter, in all of his successors, will defend and protect the authenticity of the Catholic Faith until the end of times.

Why did He pick Peter? Steve Answers that question: he was a strong, rough and uneducated man but of great faith and of a big and a humble heart. I would add to Steve's words quoting St. John Chrysostom from memory, an early father of the Church IV c. Even more interestingly, if we look at the parallels in a wider Biblical sense to the Protestant refusal to follow God's authority delegated to Peter, they are doing the Devil yes, that horny one that managed to persuade almost everyone he doesn't exist a huge favour and effectively his most important job for him.

It was the Devil a. Satan, Lucifer , one of the most powerful and certainly the most beautiful of all archangels in Heaven who rebelled against God's authority. That was before the creation of Adam and Eve, by the way, and today it is still his utmost desire and goal - to turn away as many people from God as possible.

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He hates us, humans, by the way, even more than he hates God, so don't expect any nice treatment if you get there. The above information on Protestants and the Devil is not in the film, of course, but will hopefully give some background and perspective to the story about this great and humble man, Peter the fisherman, so well told by Steve Ray.

I would highly recommend this film, and the whole series in fact, to anyone who wants to get their facts right about the faith and Church history, and to any Christians who believe in "the Bible alone" and have no understanding of the deep and profound historicity of the Faith. Start your free trial. As the clerics began to walk down a rocky pathway toward a piazza at the center of town a legacy of Italy's occupation of Ethiopia in the s , they were hemmed in by perhaps 1, more chanting and ululating devotees.

At the piazza, the procession joined clerics carrying tabots from seven other churches. Together they set off farther downhill, with the trailing throng swelling into the thousands, with thousands more lining the road. About five miles later, the priests stopped beside a pool of murky water in a park. All afternoon and through the night, the priests chanted hymns before the tabots, surrounded by worshipers. Then, prompted by glimmers of light sneaking into the morning sky, Archbishop Andreas led the clerics to celebrate the baptism of Jesus by playfully splashing one another with the pool's water.

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The Timkat celebrations were to continue for three more days with prayers and masses, after which the tabots would be returned to the churches where they were kept. I was more eager than ever to locate the original ark, so I headed for Aksum, about miles northeast.

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Just outside Gonder, my car passed Wolleka village, where a mud-hut synagogue bore a Star of David on the roof—a relic of Jewish life in the region that endured for as long as four millennia, until the s. That was when the last of the Bet Israel Jews also known as the Falasha, the Amharic word for "stranger" were evacuated to Israel in the face of persecution by the Derg.

The road degenerated into a rutted, rocky pathway that twisted around the hillsides, and our SUV struggled to exceed ten miles per hour. I reached Aksum in darkness and shared the hotel dining room with United Nations peacekeepers from Uruguay and Jordan who told me they were monitoring a stretch of the Ethiopia-Eritrea border about an hour's drive away. The latest U. The next day was hot and dusty. Except for the occasional camel and its driver, Aksum's streets were nearly empty.

We weren't far from the Denakil Desert, which extends eastward into Eritrea and Djibouti. By chance, in the lobby of my hotel I met Alem Abbay, an Aksum native who was on vacation from Frostburg State University in Maryland, where he teaches African history. Abbay took me to a stone tablet about eight feet high and covered in inscriptions in three languages—Greek; Geez, the ancient language of Ethiopia; and Sabaean, from across the Red Sea in southern Yemen, the true birthplace, some scholars believe, of the Queen of Sheba. His finger traced the strange-looking alphabets carved into the rock 16 centuries ago.

Abbay led me to another stone tablet covered with inscriptions in the same three languages. As we walked on, we passed a large reservoir, its surface covered with green scum.

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Ahead was a towering stele, or column, 79 feet high and said to weigh tons. Like other fallen and standing steles nearby, it was carved from a single slab of granite, perhaps as early as the first or second century A. Legend has it that the ark of the covenant's supreme power sliced it out of the rock and set it into place. On our way to the chapel where the ark is said to be kept, we passed Sheba's bath again and saw about 50 people in white shawls crouched near the water. A boy had drowned there shortly before, and his parents and other relatives were waiting for the body to surface.

They believe the curse has struck again. Abbay and I made our way toward the office of the Neburq-ed, Aksum's high priest, who works out of a tin shed at a seminary close by the ark chapel. As the church administrator in Aksum, he would be able to tell us more about the guardian of the ark. Only he can see it; all others are forbidden to lay eyes on it or even go close to it. But the Ethiopians say that is inconceivable—the visitors must have been shown fakes. I asked how the guardian is chosen.

I told him I'd heard that in the midth century a chosen guardian had run away, terrified, and had to be hauled back to Aksum. The Neburq-ed smiled, but did not answer. Instead, he pointed to a grassy slope studded with broken stone blocks—the remains of Zion Maryam cathedral, Ethiopia's oldest church, founded in the fourth century A. Now that I had come this far, I asked if we could meet the guardian of the ark.

The Neburq-ed said no: "He is usually not accessible to ordinary people, just religious leaders. The next day I tried again, led by a friendly priest to the gate of the ark chapel, which is about the size of a typical suburban house and surrounded by a high iron fence. A few minutes later he scurried back, smiling.

A few feet from where I stood, through the iron bars, a monk who looked to be in his late 50s peered around the chapel wall. He wore an olive-colored robe, dark pillbox turban and sandals. He glanced warily at me with deep-set eyes. Through the bars he held out a wooden cross painted yellow, touching my forehead with it in a blessing and pausing as I kissed the top and bottom in the traditional way. I told him I had come from the other side of the world to speak with him about the ark.

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This has been our tradition since Menelik brought the ark here more than 3, years ago. We peered at each other for a few moments. I asked a few more questions, but to each he remained as silent as an apparition. Then he was gone. But I felt only a little lucky. There was so much more I wanted to know: Does the ark look the way it is described in the Bible? Has the guardian ever seen a sign of its power? Is he content to devote his life to the ark, never able to leave the compound? On my last night in Aksum, I walked down the chapel road, now deserted, and sat for a long time staring at the chapel, which shone like silver in the moonlight.

Was the guardian chanting ancient incantations while bathing the chapel in the sanctifying reek of incense? Was he on his knees before the ark? Was he as alone as I felt? Originally Posted by death Je veux le sang, sang, sang, et sang Donnons le sang de guillotine Pour guerir la secheresse de la guillotine Je veux le sang, sang, sang, et sang.

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Originally Posted by Qualia. I wouldn't call it "minimal injury", unless your definition of "minimal injury" is as broad as "not getting obliterated". He was tossed over the horizon in agony and was so damaged that he couldn't even act until way after WoTA which led to the Blue Dragonflight's eggs perished that, coupled with the death of the other blue dragons to that DS blast, drove him to madness. Last edited by death; at PM.