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Few of these rabbit's feet carry any warranty concerning their provenance , or any evidence that the preparers have made any effort to comply with the rituals required by the original tradition. Some may be confected from fake fur and latex "bones". President Theodore Roosevelt wrote in his autobiography that he had been given a gold-mounted rabbit's foot by John L.

Sullivan , as well as a penholder made by Bob Fitzsimmons out of a horseshoe. A anecdote also tells that Booker T. Washington and Baron Ladislaus Hengelmuller , the ambassador from Austria , got their overcoats confused when they were both in the White House to speak with President Roosevelt; the ambassador noticed that the coat he had taken was not his when he went to the pockets searching for his gloves, and instead found "the left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit, killed in the dark of the moon. In addition to being mentioned in blues lyrics, the rabbit's foot is mentioned in the American folk song " There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight ", once popular in minstrel shows ; one line goes: "And you've got a rabbit's foot To keep away de hoo-doo".

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Retrieved August 14, Shay quotation. The Booker T.

Washington Papers Volume 8: — University of Illinois. Archived from the original on January 17, Retrieved July 25, Oxford University Press. The Lucky Bunny is a such a difficult book to review because it is quite different. The setting is more than a backdrop, it is part of the experience. Dawson takes real life events and adds them to the story creating an intriguing look into a world often overlooked.

The premise, setting, and writing in Lucky Bunny was great. The writing especially made this a very authentic read. The world and the characters felt so real. I love when I get a book where the writing makes me stop and take notice. I was inspired. Unfortunately though, I had a very hard time getting through this book. The pacing was just off for me. As I was reading, I could never quite understand the point of where everything was going.

It's kind of hard to describe but I'll try. The story is told from Queenie's perspective.

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All of the events have already occurred and she's looking back and retelling it as she remembers. But before each new event, she foreshadows how things will turn out by pretty much saying how it will turn out. It wasn't annoying or bothersome but it took away the drive to keep reading. There was nothing pushing me forward.

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I pretty much knew how everything would turn out. If I put the book down, I pretty much had to force myself to pick it up and keep reading. Once I got back into things, it was okay. Overall, I think the writing might be good enough to at least give this one a try despite the pacing issue I described. I can see many people loving it. Just a heads up, Queenie's in an abusive relationship so there is quite a bit of domestic violence in this one.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lucky Bunny. The main character, Queenie, tells the story in an autobiographical style and I found her totally believable. The only aspect of Queenie that did not come over strongly enough was her intelligence. A seemingly photographic m I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lucky Bunny. A seemingly photographic memory is not proof of that, and I wanted to see her masterminding something, rather than being a bit part in a real-life event. The central question of nature versus nurture was well-balanced and I was glad that Queenie had the strength of character to escape the vicious circle.

Having family who grew up in that area of London myself I know only too well that every second person you meet apparently knew the Krays! I think this is one of her best books and would recommend it. Sep 26, Lissa Pelzer rated it it was amazing. It's described as a modern day Moll Flanders and there are some similarities but this book is one of a kind.

The writing is wonderful, enviably so and the story rich. You'll love and hate these characters in equal measure. Starting off in her childhood in wartime East London and following through to the violent crime eras of 60s Britain, this story follows a thread not often taken, that of wartime children and what happened to them next. The main protagonist, Queenie, not her real name, is a bit It's described as a modern day Moll Flanders and there are some similarities but this book is one of a kind.

The main protagonist, Queenie, not her real name, is a bit of a missing link, she doesn't seem to fit her name or her location, but I think this is something of a coup for Dawson. Most readers wouldn't identify with an East End 'gal', and this way, by making her smart and insightful, referencing sociology but still deeply flawed, you have something to grab on to.

Someone described her to me as 'unbelievable', but I have to say I disagree. She's a trainwreck, yes but I know plenty of people who fit that description. I didn't know what to expect with this book - a reading group choice. It tells a rather sad story of a very bright girl born into a difficult, violent and very poor family just before the second world war. She has courage, humour and verve which she uses largely outside the law. Sometimes she is successful but she also serves time in approved school and prison.

A number of women in her life give her support and encouragement but the men around her are violent, and once she has a daughter of her I didn't know what to expect with this book - a reading group choice.

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A number of women in her life give her support and encouragement but the men around her are violent, and once she has a daughter of her own she is determined to keep her safe. A final major criminal act gives her enough money to secure their future in Ely, Lincolnshire where she was evacuated at the beginning of the war. There is a strong sense of place and time in the book but it did end well in the past without bringing the story up to date.

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  7. I hadn't read any of Jill Dawson's books and this one didn't really make me want to read more. Aug 16, Tawny rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , coming-of-age , romance , family , friendship , first-reads-win. I won Lucky Bunny from a Goodreads giveaway. My first win! And, I am very happy to say that I loved every second of it!

    This is the kind of book that captures you early on, and doesn't let go. I loved watching Queenie grow and learn the tricks of her trade. She is very much an anti-hero, but I've always loved a good, complex character. It's still very easy to sympathize with her when you see what life throws her way. But, despite all of the bad things, she never loses her charm or optimism. I I won Lucky Bunny from a Goodreads giveaway. I also liked how she didn't whine or blame others for her misfortune as she very easily could have done.

    She did her best to put things behind her and move on with her life. All she wanted was to do right by herself, and later on, her daughter. I would definitely recommend this book, it is fantastic! Excellent - a new favourite author. This is a rather special thriller. Moves at a lightening pace, taking us all the way from Queenie Dove's birth in 's East End London, through the war and her ever increasing involvement in crime.