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My son has been given several investments and bonds by relatives and has a lot of savings. In addition, I have been trying to save my child benefit payments for him, but life as a freelancer has meant I've had to dip into it in recent years. This has damaged my relationship with my child. He won't forgive me for failing to save all of it, and both he and my ex have called me a thief and a disgrace.

I am stunned at the focus on money by children, but I also think I was unfair to my son. I thought he would have an adult understanding of money but he doesn't appreciate how difficult it can be to make ends meet. In hindsight, I think I spoiled him. We do children a disservice by handing out money with no expectation of a contribution to family life in return.

We are very lucky because our son's grandparents look after him whenever my wife is working, so we don't have any childcare costs. Other than that, when he asks for a treat we are firm with him and say "no" most of the time. I pay for all my son's regular expenses out of my salary, but if my wife wants to buy him something when she's out with him then she pays for it herself — that's like her present. It's going to be tight for a few months when my wife goes on maternity leave again, but she'll go back to work after six months this time — partly for money reasons, but partly because she sees the benefit of going back to work.

And luckily we kept everything we bought for our son, so we haven't needed to buy anything for the new baby yet. We've also learned a lot of lessons about spending money.

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When you're a first-time parent you think everything you buy needs to be new and perfect. We've felt pressured by other parents to buy stuff that we didn't need and got caught up in the expectation that you have to buy the top brands. This time around we're going to get more secondhand stuff. They have a nine-year-old daughter We started giving our daughter 50p a week in pocket money two years ago when she was seven years old, because we found out all her classmates were getting an allowance.

Topics Family finances. Parents and parenting Family Children features. Reuse this content. The point is, you don't have to be all rough and tough all the time — it's about balance. Seems like a no-brainer. Single moms are always with their sons, because, well, you're the only parent.

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But that doesn't mean you're honing in on your kid. And so do you.

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Reese, PhD. Who is in your village that helps raise your son?

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And one abandonment doesn't mean Mom will be eternally single. But I'm proof that just isn't the case," says Tara Watz from Oak Park, Michigan, who raised her son alone until he was two. But he proved to be the one. The one for us. Welcoming a new man into both of your lives can be a huge transition. For Watz's son, it's been meaningful to have a dad, not just a father: "His daddy tucks him in every night and packs his lunch. His father sometimes sends child support and they've never met. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. Revealed: 's Most Popular Halloween Costumes. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Jamie Grill Getty Images. Heleen Sitter Getty Images. AE Pictures Inc. We try to save any shows for the TV which seems less addictive than devices. Excited to see you in NZ and thanks again so much for your support. Trace xx.

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My heart resonated with this. I think the problems we are seeing in the classroom may be linked to a need for over stimulation. I am shocked at the hours my students, who are fifth graders, tell me they spend on screens. Pleasure Donna and happy you enjoyed it. Thanks again for reading. Thanks for your articles! We live in northern Minnesota and have a 9 month old granddaughter. She lives a few miles away so we get to spend lots of time with her.

Please keep writing!!! Oh thank you Shannon! Enjoy your 9 month old granddaughter — such a wonderful age. We just arrived in NZ today and our little man is so excited to be spending time with his Grandma and so is she. My husband and I moved our family with three young kids to Haiti seven months ago.

Our life is much more simple and we spend more time with our children. Just move to a third world country! I have a son with intense mood swings, ADHD and autism. Last week I got rid of 10 boxes of books to a thrift shop.

He cannot maintain interest in anything it seems and triggers easily. Trains everywhere, 5 varieties from Legos to Lionel.

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Love this. Some of my favorite memories as a child where those unstructured times with the raw elements of nature. Climbing trees with my cousins and collecting those little helicopter seeds does anyone know what I mean by that and letting them drift down. Catching bugs and gardens snakes etc.

I think a huge part of my creativity developed now as an adult can be attributed to that. Rebecca recently posted… Our Mission! I turn down most invitations if they are going to tax us more than we gain from them. We keep meals no — fuss so that we have more time to interact. We do not allow commercials or adult programming when the kids are up.

I need this down time as well. Great read!

I love the idea of simplifying. I did a long paper on it in college and I admire Saint Francis for it! We go on toy breaks frequently and lately we have been having a screen detox! A frustration I have is playing outside. I grew up on a farm and was outside constantly. I was bored back then but I sure do miss it now, of course! We live in a subdivision and have a small front yard but a big backyard with two small trees.

The road is too busy to play on.