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While investigating the suspicious death of one of his patients, Eli uncovers an elaborate web of lies spun by his late father, a longtime professor of anatomy at Mid-South Medical College in Memphis. Instead of finding answers, Eli only finds more questions-and more victims, each meeting a sudden, violent end. Eli joins forensic pathologist Meg Daily to find a common thread among the victims.

She is also the author of several novels outside the mystery genre.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Martha Grimes began as a poet, but then turned to mystery novels. The argument some of us have with the annual selection is that it is too often overbalanced toward mainstream literary pretentions and away from the features that make the mystery a unique genre.

True, one of the main characters is a pickpocket, but her crimes or potential crimes are not really central to the plot or theme. With competition this strong, the rest pale a bit by comparison, but most of the others have their points of interest. Chris F.

My fellow statistical buffs will want to know the points of origin. Finney, and Christopher Merkner that missed the mark for me.

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Four were drawn from mystery genre magazines, three from single-author collections, and eight from original anthologies, which provided the most as well as the three best. On balance, this is a worthwhile collection but not as strong as the volume, edited by Lee Child , or the volume, edited by George Pelecanos. Harlan Coben guest edits a notable crop of shorts in this year's annual "Best of" series. Katelyn Berkley was found dead in her home in Port Gamble shortly before Christmas. Helped by their mysterious psychic abilities, the girls begin to investigate.

They are soon swept up in a whirlwind of lies, secrets, and hatred. Their sleuthing is further complicated by popular but nasty Starla Larsen, scoop-hungry reporter Moira Windsor, and sleazy Jake Damon. As Hayley and Taylor struggle to find the truth, they risk exposing their psychic abilities to the world.

Told from multiple points of view, Envy —the first in a proposed Empty Coffin series—is a hard look at the effects of cyberbullying and exclusion.

Bestselling Series

The deceptions that lie behind closed doors in this small town will leave the reader thinking hard about their own actions and consequences for a long time to come. Psychic twins Hayley and Taylor Ryan kick off the first in the new Empty Coffin series for young adults. V is for Vengeance may be her best so far. The case begins when Kinsey alerts department store security to a woman she sees shoplifting item after item at her local Nordstrom. The woman, Audrey Vance, is arrested and a few days later she is found dead, seemingly a suicide.

This is a fast-paced private detective procedural, for sure, but also a novel rich with interesting, complex characters: Phillip Lanahan is a rich kid in over his head with gambling debts; pretty Nora Vogelsang is married to a hotshot Hollywood attorney who is cheating on her; and Audrey Vance was leading a double life as a professional thief. All of them have one person in common, Lorenzo Dante, a loan shark who has grown weary of the business. Dante, in fact, is at the heart of the book.

Like that other famous Dante, he is hoping to escape his own personal hell. Of course, the regular cast is back as well. Private investigator Kinsey Millhone turns 38 in this book, but she has not changed much. She still likes her Quarter Pounders and has one black dress she can wear in a pinch. Also returning is her octogenarian landlord and neighbor Henry; police detective Cheney Phillips; and Diana Alvarez, an intrusive reporter from U is for Undertow.

The novel moves quickly, alternating between Kinsey and the other characters, with a twist thrown in toward the end. V is for Vengeance may be her best yet.

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Before they can enjoy a romantic evening in their newly purchased farmhouse, water from a spigot runs red and a body is discovered in their well. Sheriff Charlie Mills, a burly softy with a yen for Alma Deville, the sultry, divorced owner of a local bakery and coffee shop, quickly discovers three bullet holes in the victim, a wealthy wheeler-dealer who had cultivated a lot of animosity by sticking his fingers in several business pies.

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Mixed into the plot is a missing painting, believed to be of great value, which was stolen from the home of the eccentric Maggie Lawson, a lady who is handy with a gun. Meade peppers her scenic mystery with a variety of well-developed characters. Although Vermonters may not care for their sometimes unflattering depictions of the Vermont cast, the pleasures of this cozy procedural and its rustic setting remain undiminished.

Meade, whose trademarks are mysteries spiced with both sly humor and a wisp of history, is also the author of the Marjorie McClelland mysteries set in the s. She is presently working on a new series featuring Rosie the Riveter. Sly humor and a rustic setting mark this new series from the author of the Marjorie McClelland books. Further, Bosch is falling more deeply in paternal love with his young daughter by the day, and may be falling in romantic love with one Dr.

Hannah Stone, whom he meets after a surprising DNA match provides a new lead in a decades old cold case. Readers will vicariously experience similar feelings and emotions, as Connelly successfully strives to keep them off balance throughout. The distraught Pace widow refuses to believe the diagnosis though, and begs Inez to help find the true cause of his death. Inez soon welcomes the investigation as a distraction from her own troubles, including a difficult reunion with her toddler son William, who no longer recognizes her, and the sudden reappearance of her husband who has been missing for past 18 months.

Her plan for a simple divorce on the grounds of abandonment is quashed, as well as a budding romance. As Inez delves into the world of popular health spas for desperate people seeking a cure for tuberculosis, she unearths an industry peopled with charlatans and profiteers—and a growing body count.

This compelling historical mystery is a fascinating read.

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