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Given the current climate towards immigrants, the film helps us all gain a better appreciation of the significant challenges and in some cases deep psychological wounds experienced by immigrant youth. Yet, the film also shares brave narratives of triumph over adversity.

The film provided a great platform for a meaningful dialogue between faculty, students and community and university-based violence prevention and victim assistance services—an inspiring model for us all! TRUST powerfully and compassionately illustrates the impact of sharing in a safe place where no one is judged. TRUST is a powerful film which provided an opportunity for a rich, meaningful conversation about resiliency, trauma, and identity.

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How fantastic to watch trust evolve amidst all that diversity of ages, stages and roles. I thought the film was brilliant in showing community as a geological phenomenon, built up in layers, and needing to be tended with care, like a garden where every action and every choice is both creative and supportive of another creation. The quiet unfolding of the story within the worlds of the film and the theater conveyed clearly the time it takes for a seed of art and community to germinate, take root and flower.

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We also incorporated the film into a classroom curriculum this week at a high school, so the entire junior class watched it in small groups and then discussed. It was a great experience for us and we plan to repeat it again. It was amazing! We had to do some breathing and imagination to let go of the pain…with so many tears of compassion.

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It helped us to see the roots of justice problems and understand what we need to heal from trauma. It turns out, we need community! So it was very inspiring. It stars Jennifer Lopez , Leah Remini , Vanessa Hudgens , Treat Williams and Milo Ventimiglia , and follows a woman in her 40s who pursues a second chance at a corporate career, after a friend creates her a fake resume and credentials.

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The film was released in the United States on December 21, Maya Vargas Jennifer Lopez is the assistant manager of the Value Shop store she has worked at for the past 15 years. During that time she dramatically improved sales, customer relations, and general store culture through her intuitive and innovative methods.

She awaits a store visit by an executive of her company, Mr. Weiskopf, anxiously hoping to be promoted to manager. Maya is bitterly disappointed but reluctantly agrees to stay on as Arthur's second-in-command at the store. Joan's tech-savvy son, Dilly, overhears Maya's frustration about being overlooked due to her educational shortcomings. Unsure why she would be regarded so highly, it is then revealed that Dilly gave her background a dramatic makeover over social media, digitally fabricating for her an enhanced background with a Harvard education, high-ranking past corporate jobs, and an exaggerated upper-class life.

Maya is reluctant to accept the offer since her so-called background and credentials are all lies. Meanwhile, Maya's personal life begins to suffer. Feeling that she has only allowed him to see the person she wants him to see and not who she really is, he breaks up with her.

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At a company meeting that morning, she is introduced to the rest of the company and asked to share with them her thoughts on how to improve sales. Zoe is offended at the comment and challenges Maya to make something new, while Zoe attempts to modify a pre-existing line to be more organic. Anderson agrees to the competition and gives them three months to present their results. Maya assembles her underwhelming team against Zoe's superior group. Amidst their company rivalry, things dramatically change for Maya and Zoe when events from their past come to light. At sixteen, Maya gave birth to a baby girl, Sarah.

Maya couldn't afford to take care of the baby and decided to give her up for adoption a decision that made her question her credibility as a parent with Trey. Anderson would later adopt Sarah and renamed her Zoe Franklin.

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Zoe wanted to search for her mother but gave up when there weren't enough clues to go on. Anderson kept the search and eventually found Maya due to Dilly enhancing her social media presence. Anderson decided to hire Maya to see how Zoe would react to her, setting the stage for an unlikely family reunion. Although Maya is happy to be reunited with Zoe and establish a relationship, she remains fearful that her falsified life will come out and spoil Zoe's perceptions of her.

Over the next three months, Maya and Zoe bond as mother and daughter and become more friendly rivals in developing their new products. However, a sleazy development executive, Ron Epson Freddie Stroma , has suspicions about Maya and investigates into her past. Maya and her team struggle to develop her product, but none of their attempts are feasible for consumer use.

At a company gala, Ron makes it clear he's onto Maya, and her former boss, Mr. Weiskopf, recognize her. Fear and doubt is what "The Proximity Principle" destroys.

Community service was the thing that suited me. That was my bridge from funk to unfettered joy. I looked over and saw the mom…She couldn't contain herself. She was crying. This was the first bed her daughter ever had. Ready To Live Forever? Surprising Advice From Marc Freedman. The real fountain of youth is the fountain with youth. The people here are so appreciative. I get a thousand times more than I give. I feel I was called to do this. I was seeking the wisdom as much as I was dispensing it.

I said "There's no turning back One way or the other, it's gonna work. Welcome to Irving, Texas. When bad things happen, you just tough up and get on going. Listen to your gut and follow your intuition. Even if it's uncomfortable, listen to your gut. Money is no replacement for purpose. Living your truth is listening to your intuition and not being afraid to act…It's taking the courage to truly do what you know brings you happiness.

Meet Judy Cockerton. There's no greater feeling than doing what you're meant to be doing. I highly recommend living a life of meaning and purpose. There's a diamond in there. It needs to be polished but there's a diamond. Tennis Anyone?

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I always wanted to figure out a way to try to do something career-wise that involved tennis. I didn't exactly know what that was. Changing His Tune: Dr.