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The version I read was published by Harper Collins Publishers in paperback in The titles are The Coming of Mr. He is described as "a little bent, dried-up man, with a peering face oddly elflike, and an intense and inordinate interest in other people's lives. There are three loud knocks on the front door and the door is opened to reveal a tall thin dark man dressed in motoring clothes. At first, to Mr Satterthwaite he momentairly appears to be dressed in every colour of the rainbow.

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The stranger's car has broken down and he introduces himself as Harley Quin. He says that he knew the former owner of the house, and joins in the conversation, assisting Mr Satterthwaite and the others in understanding his death. These 12 stories are lovely vignettes, deceptively short, the sort that make you read elements of them a second or a third time. Mr Quin makes an appearance in each one, at first to Mr Satterthwaite's surprise, and then he begins to look for him. Mr Quin often helps the observant Mr Satterthwaite see things in a totally different light.

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There is an element of the paranormal in the stories, and often a little romance, and yet at the same time they are believable, carefully crafted tales. The stories are generally set in the mid s.

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I really enjoyed them. My rating 4. Read synopses of each of the short stories in the collection on Wikipedia.

The Capture of Cerberus original version : rejected by Strand Magazine c. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding: first published in collection of the same name, October The Harlequin Tea Set: no known magazine publication. Looking for novel or short story where a group of people are at a cave i think and a murder is comitted of course, they are at some rocks or caves on a trip to somewhere i cant remember what country i think Poirot is in it.

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The only one that springs to mind is Appointment with Death — a novel from the s largely set near the lost city of Petra in Jordan. The Dead Harlequin: no UK magazine printing traced. Quin] coud be updated! Your site is truly a great source. Thanks Nate. Also, what an intriguing background this story has….

Series: Harley Quin

Do you have a spot where the stories are sorted by year and by the main character? Thank you for compiling this list. It is amazing! Five years after you originally published it still seems the best list I could find on the internet. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot vs. Hitler

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