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Includes Readers Guide. He has traveled extensively in the American West. And all cultures have creation myths. The myths collected by the author in this book tell us about the rich and varied lives and imagination of the first Americans. They vary from simple to complex and all attempt to answer the question of human origin. Native Americans are of profound beginnings. Each Tribe, Group or Pueblo hold their beginning to be truths, unique from one another. The beliefs in this book are only a sampling of the many that still exist today. Immediately after the session copious notes were taken and later expanded into a recreation of the myth.

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Subjects were located through word of mouth and after a short time people started coming forward and volunteering their stories. May they continue to tell and share with their families, communities, and the outsiders. We have much to learn from Creation, from each other, and from the holders of the stories. She is a national lecturer, storyteller, research writer, college professor, and teacher. Yoder, PhD Games, cut-outs, stories, puzzles, pictures to color. Order from Sunstone: Sharing the art and culture of Native Americans of the Southwest is a very important activity.

For centuries these inventive people, the original inhabitants of the arid southwestern part of the United States, have survived a beautiful but demanding environment. They have produced unique buildings and wonderful arts and crafts. This book offers over 40 pages of comprehensive activities centered around the contributions of these resourceful people. Parents and teachers will find a wealth of ideas on ways of sharing the exciting facets of Southwestern pueblo history.

Walter Yoder has illustrated this one-of-a-kind book with dozens of informative black and white pictures. Field tested and educator approved, the book provides a wonderful introduction into the romance and excitement of Western U. She considered tribal dancing an essential part of the sung or spoken words and her extensive research led first to lectures and later to the publication of The American Rhythm. After graduation from Blackburn College, she moved with her family to California.

She later spent time in New York and eventually settled in Santa Fe. A prolific writer, she wrote novels, short stories, essays, plays and poetry. Austin became an early advocate for environmental issues as well as the rights of women and other minority groups. She was particularly interested in the preservation of American Indian culture. There is increased urgency in telling their story in a way that young people, as well as adults, can understand and appreciate.

For twenty-three years following the war, their unbroken code had remained a secret. Not even their families were permitted to know the part they had played in fighting the war. Recognition of their contribution was a long time coming. As a teenager the author planned for a career in ballet or art. Unable to decide between the two, she became an educator in England, Canada, and California. Ann Stalcup is the author of seventeen books, fifteen of which are nonfiction.

All but two are for children of various ages while two work equally well for both adults and children.

Fifteen of her books were inspired by the over countries she has visited. Order from Sunstone: Perhaps it is asking too much of the reader to accept a story in which a Viking warrior wanders into a settlement of Anasazi Indians in southwestern Colorado over years ago. But the author thinks it could have happened. And he weaves a story of Norsemen and Anasazi ways of life that will fascinate and stimulate the imagination from the moment Thorvar enters the high cliff homes of the Indians he befriends in Mesa Verde until he eventually leads them in a hunt for something more precious than gold.

The author worked for forty years with a major oil company, most of which he served as Director of Safety. Engineering was his career field and he also served on state and national presidential committees involved with industrial and public safety. These words bear witness to wisdom and nurture births yet unknown.

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While she could, our Poet Laureate does not wear the laurel leaves of Apollo, but carries a wreath woven from the Santa Fe horizon itself. While traversing the city, she wrote about it—occasional poems, meditations, narratives, lyric poems that capture the present and past of the capital city and its people, all collected here, in this volume. The title poem imagines the creation of the land and its people and unfolds forward to the present.

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Drawings by Linda Swanson whose work is in the permanent collections of The Brooklyn Museum and The Newark Museum accompany the poems and capture the tenderness and beauty of families. Her poems have appeared widely in journals, anthologies and magazines. Ruiz Order from Sunstone: Little Daniel was a very special child.

Because the Angel on his shoulder remained with him from birth until Daniel was a grown man. This bilingual Spanish and English story will appeal to all ages. Jose always incorporates some of his own life experiences into each book he has written and is pleased that they are in both Spanish and English.

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All are bilingual. It is a beautiful gift from the angels and from a talented writer who knows how to touch the heart.

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Young Ben Touchstone, a half-breed, feels a tear snake past his cheekbone to his mouth. Born with pale skin, straw colored hair and cobalt eyes, his sad expression is reflected in the window. Rejected by the pueblo, he also feels the pain of knowing he is regarded as an oddity by anglos. Even the tourists on the plaza in Santa Fe cast curious glances. Ben feels forsaken in a strange limbo between the cultures.

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That night, in the mysterious chapel at Chimayo, he is startled and bewildered by the majestic appearance of his angel who promises Ben she will intervene and counsel him at every crossroad of his life. But does she? For many years Ben is puzzled by her absence. Will he be able to discern whether people in his life have been sent by the angel, or are they dark forces dispatched by some demonic being?

Moving between the abject poverty of Tesuque pueblo and the wealthy social life of Santa Fe, Ben is constantly confronted with choices, choices he alone must make. Michael Glasco is a native of Dallas, Texas, and received his undergraduate degree in journalism and his masters degree from Southern Methodist University where he taught photography and film.

This is his first published novel. Originally known as Nacimiento, it was located on the northwestern edge of the Spanish Colonial Empire. It was very isolated and the people who settled Cuba seldom travelled to other areas due to the lack of roads and long distances between settlements. As a consequence, Cuba retained many of the traditions, practices and archaic language of the early Colonial Period until the mid-twentieth century.

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Only after World War II did this village emerge from its Colonial traditions and begin to acquire more modern amenities and practices. Different from many other small towns, it did not change because of outside forces but mostly because of the actions of people who had been away during World War II and came back wanting what they had experienced elsewhere.

This book contains descriptions and photographs of the practices and activities of the people of Cuba in that earlier time. Several prior generations of her family also lived their entire lives in Cuba and surrounding villages. As a young woman, she left Cuba to pursue an education, have a family and develop a career. In , Esther and her husband returned to Cuba to manage the family cattle ranch.

I guess you never know when a scary owl will come in handy. In a terrifying moment, they become part of the history surrounding them. Matthew Baca was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where his family has ranched and farmed since the first days of European colonization, and continues to do so to this day.

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When not living the country life, he can be found conducting research at the University of New Mexico. How these threats and dangers were met is shown through the adventures of two Mescalero Apache brothers, Crazy Legs and Great Star. Learning that they share white blood because their mother was a captured American, they learn to reconcile two opposite cultures and accept a new way of life as more and more settlers move westward.

In Great Star's words: " Order from Sunstone: "An Apache warrior bent down from his horse, its glossy black flanks still heaving from exertion, to pick me up. As his hand grabbed my arm I bit hard into the flesh of his forearm. It was a deep bite and he shouted with pain. The other Apaches laughed loudly at his discomfort. He reached down again. I tried the same tactic but this time he was too quick. He jerked me upwards onto his horse and sat me in front of him.

I fought like a cornered bobcat, spitting, biting and clawing. He struck me on the back of the neck.