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Over two decades after his death, his estate teased the release of previously unheard tracks - here's everything you need to know The artist , who has sold more than 75million records, consistently tops the polls as one of the greatest of all time. On the night of September 7, , Tupac was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas as he headed to a gig at Club Death Row Records boss Suge Knight was driving the car and 2Pac was a front seat passenger as they led a convoy of cars.

A shooter in a white Cadillac, which pulled up on the right-hand passenger side of Tupac's BMW at traffic lights, opened fire at Tupac's killer was revealed to be gang member Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson in a new Netflix documentary. In the docuseries Unsolved , the Tupac and Biggie Murders, he explains his nephew went looking for revenge after he was beaten up by the acclaimed rapper and his entourage. According to rumours, yes he is — but is it just a big hoax? In January , Ayanna Jackson spoke on camera for the first time at the abuse she faced from Tupac.

Jackson first met Tupac in a club in New York in and after kissing at Nell's Club in Manhattan the pair went back to his hotel room and had sex "multiple times". Tupac and his road manager Charles Fuller were convicted of first degree-sexual abuse but were acquitted of sodomy and weapons charges.

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The rapper, who was 23 at the time, cried as he was sentenced to up to four and half years in prison. The two men had acknowledged in the trial they had oral sex with Jackson but insisted it was consensual.

The national homicide rate was 9 per , Meanwhile, incarceration rates skyrocketed. In , blacks were 4.

Tupac Shakur’s 10 Most Socially Conscious Songs | Billboard

By they were 6. The spiraling violence and conflict fomented a new sense of black political alarm, with many gravitating to black nationalist messages. Its title, Me Against the World , could not have been more apt. It reached No.

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Coker at Rolling Stone. But there was vulnerability, too — lead single, "Dear Mama," was a tear-jerking tribute to his mother, Afeni, that hit number 9 on the Billboard Hot in April With his new hip-hop group Outlawz debuting on the album, All Eyez on Me was an unapologetic celebration of the thug lifestyle, eschewing socially conscious lyrics in favour of gangsta-funk hedonism and menace.

Within two months of its release, All Eyez on Me had been certified five-times double-platinum. It would eventually become diamond certified. It also reached No. Tupac recorded a total of six studio albums released posthumously, up to and including Pac's Life in Before Tupac became a rapper, he wrote poetry. Along with his music, Shakur had appeared in several films by the time of his death, among them starring roles alongside Janet Jackson in 's Poetic Justice and Mickey Rourke in 's Bullet.

Tupac married Keisha Morris in while he was still in prison; the couple had met several months earlier at a nightclub when Morris was 20 and Tupac was Their marriage was annulled five months after Tupac was released from jail, in October ; the pair remained friends until his death. Soon after his marriage to Morris ended, Tupac began dating Kidada Jones.

They had met at a club when Tupac apologized for insulted her father, Quincy Jones , for only dating white women. Jones was in Las Vegas with Tupac the night he was shot. Tupac had no children. Tupac died in Las Vegas on September 13, of gunshot wounds inflicted six days prior. His murder remains unsolved.

There was a scuffle after the bout between a member of the Crips gang and Tupac. Knight, who was involved with the rival Bloods gang, and members of his entourage piled in. Later, as a car that Tupac was sharing with Knight stopped at a red light, a man emerged from another car and fired 13 shots, hitting Tupac in the hand, pelvis and chest.

He later died at the hospital.

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His girlfriend Kidada and his mother Afeni were both with him in his final days. Tupac's body was cremated. Members of his old band, Outlawz, made the controversial claim that they had smoked some of his ashes in honor of him. His mother announced she would scatter her son's ashes in Soweto, South Africa, the "birthplace of his ancestors," on the 10th anniversary of his murder.

She later changed the date to June 16, — Tupac's 26th birthday as well as the anniversary of the Soweto uprising. On March 9, , six months after Tupac died, Biggie Smalls was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles; his murder has never been solved, either. Tupac died of gunshot wounds in However conspiracy theories have raged ever since Tupac was shot, as his murder has never been solved.

Fans have speculated that Tupac faked his death. In September , Suge Knight hinted that Tupac might be alive in an interview.

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In early , BET aired an episode of Death Row Chronicles in which former Crips member Duane "Keffe D" Keith Davis admitted that he was riding in the car with the man who killed Shakur; he declined to identify the shooter in the interview, revealing only that the shots "came from the back seat," though he had earlier told federal investigators that the gun was in the hands of his nephew Orlando Anderson now deceased. The revelation fueled the launch of a change.

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Since his death, however, Tupac has continued to sell millions of records. While serving time in prison, Tupac wrote a letter to Madonna, where he ended relations with the pop star because of her race. The letter, dated January 15th, at a. In , Madonna brought a lawsuit against the art consultant and online auction house behind the auction to stop the sale.

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A judge threw out her suit, citing a release that Madonna signed in Madonna lost her appeal in appellate court in June The letter is slated to officially be auctioned off in July The letter explains why Tupac was ending their relationship. I never meant to hurt you. Would a lot of people die? But do you know that people with FOP sometimes go years between injury-induced flare-ups?